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This is a new segment that will pop up once in a while. Let's face it - the world of celebrity is littered with idiots doing idiotic things all the time. However, sometimes a celebrity pulls a stunt so utterly ridiculous that even Paris Hilton might say "Gee, that's not so hot" (I know Paris trying to string five words in a sentence is a bit of a stretch but let's go with it.)

I can't possibly imagine a more deserved inaugural winner (or "winners" in this case) than Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros from the TV series "Lost". Yes, there are lots of drunk drivers in this world - celebrities, celebrity wannabees, and "no chance at fame whatsoever" (examples - you and I) classes. But, drunk driving in Hawaii??!?!?!?!?! I mean, how many times would you have to smash your head into a concrete wall before enough brain cells expire to the point where you would even THINK about doing that?

For those who are unaware, Hawaii is a series of islands, just about all of which has only one highway which basically runs around the periphery (okay, there are two on Oahu where the dopey duo were busted but the H2 is there so football fans don't end up driving through pineapple fields to find the Aloha Bowl stadium.)

Like any American state, Hawaii has police. But, seriously, how much work does an Oahu police officer need to do? You don't really have "urban ghettos", or guns, or knives, or violent crime. In fact, the most heinous things those officers have to see in Oahu is Waikiki and its endless stream of tourists in their muumuus and floral shirts pretending that they are blending into the island culture (why can't a politician make this a criminal offense subject to the death penalty? C'mon Ahhhhnold - work with me!!!) Thus the only job they really can do to merit the big bucks the union says they're entitled to would be to ….. yup ….. watch the traffic. And what an easy job that is! Police chase? No problem. Let the yutz drive off - you'll catch him when the highway comes back to you.

So the lean, young toughie actress who is guaranteed the first casting director call if they ever remake "The Warriors" and the actress who's career highlight was playing Christopher Titus' girlfriend decided you can have a pile of drinks, get hammered, and bob and swerve all over the island highway because everybody in Hawaii goes to sleep by 7 and, hey, it's an island, right? Wrong. "Shockingly" a cop, perhaps munching on some Spam (a Hawaiian "delicacy"), caught them in the act.

I'm sure Ms. Rodriguez and Ms. Watros' agents, in consult with ABC and Disney, have already assembled the proper legal staff required to negotiate a suspended sentence with the adequate community service time during the "Lost" shooting recess under the auspices of the international VIPEOUT (Very Important Elite Persons of the Universe Treaty) rule dealing with every crime and misdemeanor known to man.

However, a word of warning to those of you planning a Hawaiian vacation soon. The fines from this case and the corresponding increase in the number of shiny new cars that the Honolulu Police Department puts out on the roads shortly is, shall we say, purely coincidental.....

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Happy Holidays from Hell!